Discreet.Email Service Provider

Where discretion becomes reality...

Where discretion becomes reality...

Discreet.Email is a secure email service provider (Secure ESP) with a global ecosystem designed to reduce the risk of a single local entity or government gaining access to our user's information and messages. Discretion is our number one goal!  We have parts of our ecosystem spread across Europe, the Caribbean and North America (soon to include Asia). Our solution works from any computer through a secure encrypted web portal or any mobile smartphone / tablet through a secure responsive web interface.

The most important feature when talking about any secure email service is whether or not other people can get a hold of your personal information and messages. To solve for that we offer end-to-end encryption. We extend that with advanced encryption at rest (encryption requirements) on our servers in case a physical server was removed from our ecosystem without our consent. We even remove logs from servers every day to further protect your identity. To improve reliability and to extend our security through obfuscation we have containerized our system allowing us to move assets around the globe in a matter of minutes. Data that might be kept in one country today might be in another country tomorrow making it very difficult for unwanted eyes to see enough of our ecosystem to make sense of it.

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No one can decrypt your encrypted messages without your unique password; not our employees, our ISP, your ISP, or the government. Our public facing interfaces are fully SSL/TLS v1.2 encrypted and we support OpenPGP natively (built into the UI) for both internal and external message recipients. Our full feature email platform supports more than 70 languages and was designed from day one to support International Domain Names (IDN).

Is free speech important to you? Is your privacy important to you? Are you tired of your email provider reading, sharing and leaking your data? Subscribe NOW for only $9.00 per mailbox per year.




Our Modern Full Feature Email Service Has These Additional Advanced Features:

      • Built-in native PGP key creation and management
      • Built-in native PGP encryption / decryption
      • Native support for 70+ languages
      • Drag-&-drop message management
      • Full support for MIME and HTML messages
      • Full support for message attachments
      • Support for multiple sender identities
      • Full featured address book with groups
      • Find-as-you-type address book integration
      • Searching capabilities for messages and contacts
      • Optional threaded based message listing
      • Support for Internationalized Domain Names
      • Enhanced spell checking specific to each user
      • Full Malware & SPAM protection (inbound & outbound)
      • Built-in caching for faster mailbox access
      • Advanced Responsive interface for mobile devices


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